The designers of the EMPOWR 3D Knee® were among the first to study the knee during early flexion, providing new insight into how the natural knee functions. The combination of this new knowledge with previous research of deep knee flexion led to a knee replacement design which provides inherent anterior-posterior knee stability and recreates the motion patterns of the natural knee. The EMPOWR 3D Knee addresses natural motion throughout a full range of motion, from early to deep flexion, creating a more natural feeling knee for the patient.

EMPOWR 3D Knee® patients had statistically significant less pain when walking compared to traditional non-conforming knees. These patients also participated in very active activities such as impact sports more regularly.

Designed based on the success of the 3DKnee®, the EMPOWR 3D Knee® System leverages over 10 years of clinical success and a demonstrated history of natural kinematics.

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